Melissa Clarke – Diet Coke Hoodie

Melissa ClarkeMy new favourite site has a set of pictures up of Melisa Clarke in April’s Front Magazine. Usually I just surf through and admire the girls but this time two pictures stood out. I’ve included them here. But you have to get over to to check out the rest of the gallery.
Melissa Clarke in a Diet Coke Hoodie is the sweetest thing I’ve seen all day, if you don’t count the fact that she’s naked in some of the other pics at Sideburns. Continue reading ‘Melissa Clarke – Diet Coke Hoodie’

Winter Pierzina – Cola Pictures & More

I got a thing for Winter Pierzina in the last few hours. She’s got one of the greatest sets of breasts I’ve ever seen.  I’ve seen the pictures floating around the net for the last year or so but I just stumbled across this set of her drinking a Cola. That makes her a Cola-Girl.  It seems she flirted with a porn site for a while under the Alias BustyWinter. is now defunct, unless you have an access username and password. Even then I’m not so sure that the site delivered what it promised. I’ve found a couple threads that indicated that she never followed through with some sign-up promises. But the pictures from the site are still out there.
I made it my mission to find every picture I could and place them on this site in a single repository for perpetuity. None of the pictures are mine, they are all just scavenged from the net. But until I hear otherwise and because they are all available somewhere else, I’ll keep them posted here.
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Coke at the Beach

These 101 pictures are from all over the net. Each photo has the Coca-Cola logo somewhere in the picture. It’s our passion to collect them, hope you enjoy them too.
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Angel Cassidy – Roller Skates

Angel Cassidy

Angel Cassidy is one of those girls that never quite made it. According to a Biography I found she’s worked for almost all of the major news-stand publications but never made it big time. Now at the age of thirty, I’m nominating her an award for her work here with the Coca-Cola sign in the back ground. Continue reading ‘Angel Cassidy – Roller Skates’

Krystal Steal – Coke Machine

The coke branding isn’t hiding in the back ground here. It is most obviously a cola based photo shoot. Enjoy Continue reading ‘Krystal Steal – Coke Machine’

India Reynolds – Front Magazine

Sometimes the opposite of what you expect shows up. With models getting slimmer and breasts faker (more fake?), I was jaw-droppingly stunned when I saw these pics if India Reynolds in Front magazine. Doubley so because the very last pic is her with a cola in her hand. Continue reading ‘India Reynolds – Front Magazine’

Pink Bikini

1No nakedness , and no primary placement of the cola can. Some of the more obscure occur this way. Check on the table in the background. Continue reading ‘Pink Bikini’

Raven Riley – Hot

raven_riley_hot_004Nice set I just found of Raven Riley. I was looking her up on the net and am now interested to see her movie… Succubus. Continue reading ‘Raven Riley – Hot’

Lovely Anne – Coke Girl

LovelyAnneI love the way the cola bottle says “Light”. Ours say “diet”. I also love the way she fills out that top. God what i wouldn’t give to see her naked. Sign up and find out for me.

Product Placement

product_place-01 Nice picture set.

I’m just upset I have such tiny thumbs. If any of you have a subscription to Model Flats I guess it’s useless at this point. I went to reactivate my affiliate link and the web site is missing. I don’t mean offline, I mean missing. Just an advertisement. So I guess these are collector editions now.

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Orange Crush

Orange Crush was popular when I was younger. In recent years I think it has been surpased by the extreem marketing for MinuteMaid Orange. If anything was to make me go out and grab a crush, it’s this video. Somehow this just makes me thirsty.

Lindsay Lohan

02327_lindsay_lohan_beach_bend_2_big_122_1037loShe had such potential. But I have to give her credit for posing with this can. Kinda like the freckles too.
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