Winter Pierzina – Cola Pictures & More

Winter Pierzina - 022I got a thing for Winter Pierzina in the last few hours. She’s got one of the greatest sets of breasts I’ve ever seen.  I’ve seen the pictures floating around the net for the last year or so but I just stumbled across this set of her drinking a Cola. That makes her a Cola-Girl.  It seems she flirted with a porn site for a while under the Alias BustyWinter. is now defunct, unless you have an access username and password. Even then I’m not so sure that the site delivered what it promised. I’ve found a couple threads that indicated that she never followed through with some sign-up promises. But the pictures from the site are still out there.
I made it my mission to find every picture I could and place them on this site in a single repository for perpetuity. None of the pictures are mine, they are all just scavenged from the net. But until I hear otherwise and because they are all available somewhere else, I’ll keep them posted here.spacer

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