Lindsay Lohan

02327_lindsay_lohan_beach_bend_2_big_122_1037loShe had such potential. But I have to give her credit for posing with this can. Kinda like the freckles too.
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Gas Pump

josie_model_gas_pump_008Cute. This series I like. Sweet little dirty blonde thing, and the idea that you get to see it all. What would be really nice is if we could find the rest of this series.
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Wild Tart

wild_tart_paris_013Completely cute.

There is nothing like the tight body on this little lady. And the hat goes well with just socks.
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Coca-Cola Teen


These photos are dated August of 2006. Natasha is most famous because of her work with MetArt. The bottom of these photos are labeled SashaFucksDasha. I checked and the site is still functional at
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1189113801_03Cola-Girls are pictures from all over the net. Somewhere in the picture is a cola logo or reference. I have been collecting these pictures for years. Now it’s time to share them with you. Enjoy.
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